Thursday, April 17, 2008

School Street Project -Combined Sewer Overflow Project No. 6

For more details on the current CSO project in the area along School Street, please see the link below.  

The purpose of the project is to remove storm water that currently enters the sanitary sewer system as required per an Administrative Order from the Environmental Protection Agency.

City's 50 Anniversary!

The City (versus Town 1761) of Lebanon was established in 1958.  Plans are in the works for various activities throughout the year.  

Please join us in celebrating Lebanon on July 4th during the parade and fireworks program.

For more information, please call 448-5121 or 448-4220.  Otherwise, please see the link below.

New Associate Planner!

Please welcome Tracey Thibault!  Tracey is the City's newest addition to our Planning Department.  Tracey has come to us from Maine.  She has spent much of her career as a Code Enforcement Officer working closely with various types of Land Use Ordinances.  During this time Tracey also worked on the Master Plans of the communities she worked for including soliciting public participation and writing updates. She also has experience with working on other types of plans like an Open Space Plan.   Tracey has spent time working for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection assisting municipalities in adopting and administering their mandatory shoreland zoning ordinances.  A graduate of College of the Atlantic with a B.A. in Human Ecology, and the University of Maine with a M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Science and a Masters of Public Administration, Tracey’s education focused on municipal government and land use. Currently, she resides in Enfield with her husband and 3 cats.  

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Sorry to have been absent for a few weeks, but it is my intent to get back to weekly (and hopefully more often) postings!  Thanks for the questions!  Keep them coming.

2008 Capital Improvement Projects

The following link takes you directly to a status report of current and upcoming Capital Improvement Projects.  If you have comments or questions, please post a comment or call 603-448-3122.