Thursday, April 17, 2008

School Street Project -Combined Sewer Overflow Project No. 6

For more details on the current CSO project in the area along School Street, please see the link below.  

The purpose of the project is to remove storm water that currently enters the sanitary sewer system as required per an Administrative Order from the Environmental Protection Agency.


apease1 said...

Thanks for fixing the fence along Heater Road - it looks much better!

Another request: at the foot of Townsend Terrace, there is a layer of gravel which washed into the road this spring. As one drives around the corner to go up the hill, even at 15 mph, there is a tendency to fishtail on the loose gravel. I'm concerned that a non-resident will come around that corner and slide into someone or off the road.Can we get that gravel swept off the roadway?

Jennifer said...

5 years ago Dulac Street residents had portions of their front yards taken away for a bike path. No prior notification was given to the property owners. Dulac Street cannot safely support a bike path. The road is narrow and has dangerous corners. The funding would have been better spent on more patrol cars to catch speeders. School Street has sidewalks that are adequate for the majority of walkers. Bike paths are unnecessary in this tiny community and they certainly will be unsafe as long as local traffic is allowed to continue to exceed the speed limits. Do residents really want bike paths? Did we vote on this issue?

lebnative said...

As a Lebanon native, I would like to know why a City Manager would initiate a program (BLOG), ask people to comment, then ignore them. Why should we utilize this form of communication if there is no response. If you are going to institute something, I would suggest not embarrasing yourself by not using it. Thank you.

Gregg Mandsager said...

Thanks for your comments! I have forwarded your information regarding Townsend Terrace to DPW.

Regarding Dulac Street and bike paths - the city has a Pedestrian/Bicyclist Committee established by the City Council. This committee adds another layer to our capital project review process with the obvious focus on bike lanes and sidewalks - facilitating their movement through the community as we look at larger projects throughout the city. These are public meetings. Adjacent property owners (and the public) are invited to attend a public meeting prior to the Council public hearing to ask questions and provide input into the design.