Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks For the Comments

Thank you all for the comments. I will try and address these at least weekly as well.

Here we go:
  1. Yes, please submit topics that you would like to hear/learn about.
  2. I will make every effort to respond to postings weekly.
  3. Snow/Winter Operations - Lebanon is not seeing the shortage other communities have seen in recent weeks. We have two contracts in place and are able to meet our needs with those supplies at our earlier bid prices. Sand is available at DPW for resident use as well. Additionally, the City's Winter Operations Plan is available on the City's website at under the Public Works homepage.
Thanks again for the comments - keep them coming.

2008 City Manager Goals

Annually, the City Manager presents a set of goals to the City Council for adoption. I am in the midst of preparing these goals for presentation to the City Council and would appreciate feedback from our community as to what you would like to see the City focus on in 2008. Items may include such topics as affordable housing, transportation, communication, etc. Please submit you ideas to or via this blog. The more specific the goal, the easier to define successful measures for performance. The following we the goals identified for 2007:


1. DPW: Secure site for new DPW facility and begin construction (Earliest – Fall 2007).

2. Institute a review and bring forward a plan to institute Public Access Television for the City of Lebanon.

3. Review current franchise agreements and formulate a plan to better utilize this mechanism with appropriate utilities. This should be coordinated with LGC efforts.

4. Formulate recommendation regarding non-bargaining unit employee compensation and benefits (specifically, health insurance contribution).

5. Convene a representative group of employees, including all four unions, in an effort to survey the state of existing municipal health insurance programs in New Hampshire with a view toward identifying and vetting viable alternatives that may both hold promise to save the city and employees money in the long-term without sacrificing program coverage and quality. (2007-2008)

6. Zoning: Assist City Council in bringing the Zoning Ordinance Forward for Final Council Consideration in the fall of 2007.

7. Transportation Master Plan: Begin to formulate a Transportation Master Plan. (2007-2008)

8. Finalize and begin to implement the Landfill Business Plan.

9. Update the City’s webpage and review and institute similar e-resources where appropriate, i.e. weblog.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter Weather

It has been a week full of rain, ice and snow.  I think our crew does an excellent job, but we are always looking to improve.  I would like to get feedback as to the roads and sidewalks.  How are we doing?  Where can we improve?  Do you have questions as to how we conduct our winter operations? 

Thanks for the input!
Gregg Mandsager,
City Manager

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This blog is an attempt to increase public awareness and knowledge of your local government. I plan to post comments and photos of current city events, projects, and issues on a weekly basis. I hope you find this to be a useful tool! I would appreciate your feedback. Let me know what topics interest you.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Gregg Mandsager,
City Manager
City of Lebanon, NH