Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This blog is an attempt to increase public awareness and knowledge of your local government. I plan to post comments and photos of current city events, projects, and issues on a weekly basis. I hope you find this to be a useful tool! I would appreciate your feedback. Let me know what topics interest you.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Gregg Mandsager,
City Manager
City of Lebanon, NH


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Anonymous said...

Is this a site where people can submit new topics or is it only possible to respond to your postings?

I also agree with anonymous 1

Melinda said...

To Gregg,
I think for the most part with all the precipitation we've had this winter, the roads have been okay. In the beginning of the season everytime a flake came out of the sky there were piles of salt dumped. You hear them complain alot about overtime, but when it's there it seems they would rather dump a bunch of salt and rush home. This may not apply to your crew, but now cities are complaining about a salt shortage. Every year you hear this, but every year the same thing happens. Wouldn't it make sense to use only what is needed, then maybe there would be money and time to fix all the sidewalks that are under water every time the snow melts or it rains in the summer. I can walk around it, but there is an increase in handicapped citizens and what are they supposed to do, stay home? This is just my point of view from where I sit, I realize there is much more that I probably don't know.

Amy said...

In general, I am very happy with the condition of the roads in Lebanon (and quite impressed- Great job DPW!). The sidewalks are OK, but the amount of snow and ice have been exceptional this year. I am glad to see that the town hasn't "given up" on the sidewalks the way that other towns seem to have. I would like to see the excess snow cleaned away from School Street School sooner (although this is improved from earlier this winter).

The amount of frost heaves and potholes is unbelievable and I am hoping there is an economical way to repair them in the spring.

Anonymous said...

As one who does not have CATV access, I am hopeful that you can use this blog to summarize the highlights of the Council meetings for our universal educational benefit.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with what Amy said about the potholes. I realize it's not just in our town, but move of the state where I have driven. One problem I have seen is, they are putting the tar in the potholes, but they are not allowing it to dry. Here on Carlton Drive a pot hole was filled, did not dry completely and now there is that black, sticky tar all of the road (not to mention in or tires). Tenley Drive is a rollercoaster ride. Not only potholes, but the road is settling unequally. It's BAD!!!!