Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks For the Comments

Thank you all for the comments. I will try and address these at least weekly as well.

Here we go:
  1. Yes, please submit topics that you would like to hear/learn about.
  2. I will make every effort to respond to postings weekly.
  3. Snow/Winter Operations - Lebanon is not seeing the shortage other communities have seen in recent weeks. We have two contracts in place and are able to meet our needs with those supplies at our earlier bid prices. Sand is available at DPW for resident use as well. Additionally, the City's Winter Operations Plan is available on the City's website at under the Public Works homepage.
Thanks again for the comments - keep them coming.


Heidi said...

Thank you for providing this forum.
I am a huge fan of the Rail Trail but definitely not happy about all the dog feces that dog owners do not clean up. In the winter, we have the added bonus of snow machines picking up the feces and scattering them along a 50-yard stretch of the trail when they pass by.
The dog owners are probably good people who would clean up after their dogs if given the proper supplies, so I would like to ask the City to please place a "Poo Station" at the trail head. Many other Upper Valley towns have these stations in convenient locations where needed -- the Quechee Green springs to mind -- and are serviced by the town. The stations include biodegradable plastic bags and a waste receptacle.
This would be a fairly low cost solution to achieve a cleaner, more pleasurable experience for all Lebanon residents who enjoy the Rail Trail.
Thank you.

Art said...

Related to spring cleanup: I'd like to see the fence along the sidewalk on Heater Rd. [just east of The Fort] fixed up during spring cleanup. It has been broken in two places since the first winter it went up and is an eyesore on an otherwise nice project.

Ted Jerome said...

You said:
"Additionally, the City's Winter Operations Plan is available on the City's website at under the Public Works homepage."
...but despite several minutes of searching, I can't find any listing of the Winter Operations Plan. Would you provide either a sequence of clicks to reach it or a full Web address (URL) of that Plan?

Ashley said...

Hi Ted: The following is a link directly to the page you requested. hope this helps.

Thank you,
Ashley Bennett

Computer Services
City Hall

Jason said...


Could you please comment on the state of high-speed internet in the community and future plans for its wide-spread implementation. This issue is something that should have been resolved almost a decade ago.

I'm dismayed to see that the citizens, out of lack of action by the service providers, have to band together and start their own cooperatives to engender results.

In your response, please cover:
* cost;
* options (cable, wireless, DSL, etc.);
* date of planned availability.


Christopher King said...

Dear Manager Mandsager:

Thank you for helping to move New Hampshire into the New Era of Communications. Two-term Nashua Mayor and 30-year Executive Council veteran Bernie Streeter gave me an award for First Amendment and Right-to-Know, so I know he appreciates what you're doing as well.

And in Franconia the efforts of Jeffery Jesseman have helped the town to realize it should offer its minutes online, which is a Good Start.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy that first video at; It goes back a ways to 1996 in part, with cameras in government proceedings, as it should be.

Anonymous said...

you haven't replied or posted anything in two months. If i post a question will it get answered?

Gregg Mandsager said...

Thanks for the comments. I have forwarded requests to the appropriate departments.

Regarding high-speed internet: the City at present is working on a cable franchise agreement with Comcast as the City has never had this agreement in place. Additionally, we are looking at grant opportunities for a wireless hot spot in addition to the airport. The next step will be to work with Fairpoint to determine how their planned infrastructure can or will affect the city.

Christopher King said...

Excellent. Gotta get up to speed. Soon everything will be broadband. All entertainment, TV, Radio, etc.

Which is good and bad, actually but whatever the case you have to make sure your citizens have the access that they will need.

Heck I've pretty much solved a double homicide on the Internet and that wouldn't be possible without access to high speed and/or broadband. You do know that Fairpoint is technically not broadband, but whatever.

Good luck.